Discover the Best Wines to Try in Georgia

Discover the Best Wines to Try in Georgia 1

The Charming World of Georgian Wines

Wine collection can be a hobby for some and a passion for others. No matter which of the two you fall in, you can’t miss the thrilling taste of Georgian wines. Set in the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia boasts over 525 indigenous grape varieties, each with its unique, complex flavor profile.

Top Wines to Taste in Georgia


Kisi, a white wine, indicates a style of barrel-aged skin-contact wines made from the Kisi grape. With its golden amber color, it has a bouquet of apricot, honey, and quince. The wine’s tannins come through with a bitter and complex finish, which completes the pleasant flavor of the wine.

Discover the Best Wines to Try in Georgia 2


Saperavi is a red wine known for its incredibly deep and dark color. It also features remarkable tannins and a fruity taste with undertones of spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves. A wine that is worth aging for 10 years, Saperavi is found frequently in local Georgian taverns and restaurants.


Mtsvane, a green grape variety meaning “green” in Georgian, produces a light to a medium-bodied wine that is dry, high in acidity, and fresh. It usually has an appealing scent of fruits and flowers with a rich spiciness and ample texture. A perfect companion for seafood and salad dishes, it is also great for sipping on a beautiful afternoon outdoors.


Tsolikouri grows well in the Imereti region, making aromatically intense white wines that are gaining recognition globally. Luscious and unique, Tsolikouri often presents scents of quince and savory herbs with a zesty, mouth-watering acidity that makes it a great wine to pair with savory dishes like roasted chicken and feta cheese.

Visit Wineries and Vineyards in Georgia

The country’s wineries and vineyards offer a unique experience and service for tourists. The capital, Tbilisi, is commonly called the ‘Mecca of Viniculture,’ and travelers will find several vineyards in the surrounding Kakheti region. The countryside vineyards provide a welcoming traditional Georgian atmosphere. Explore ancient wines made with traditional techniques like the Kvevri method, which involves fermenting Georgian grapes in a traditional wine vessel and then aging the wine in clay jars called Qvevri.

Get Yourself a Taste of Georgian Culture

A glass of Georgian wine represents the history, story, and charm of this beautiful country. It is more than plant juice in a bottle and represents significant cultural heritage. Georgian wine’s fragrances and tastes will put you on a journey and introduce you to the art, history, and texture of this ancient wine culture.

In conclusion, Georgian Wine is more than just a drink. It has its charm, flavors, and traditions. It is worth tasting and exploring the country where it has its origins. The country is blessed with stunning scenery, a rich history, and warm hospitality, making it an inviting destination for wine and culture enthusiasts alike. Learn more about the subject covered in this article by visiting the recommended external website. Inside, you’ll uncover supplementary information and an alternative perspective on the subject. georgia wine tours.

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